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Tom DeLay can't stop dancin'

Tom DeLay can't stop dancin'

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Seems like all those lessons on Dancing with the Stars didn't go to waste.

The Washington Post reported that Tom DeLay auctioned himself off for charity at a Washington, D.C., fundraiser Thursday night. Two women paid $2,300 each for a "spotlight dance" with the former Sugar Land congressman and House Majority Leader at the Best Friends Foundation benefit. Former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating opened the bidding by telling guests they had the "the opportunity of a lifetime — to dance with this stud."

The Post's verdict: "We have to admit, he's pretty smooth on his feet," wrote Reliable Source columnists Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger.

It seems like DeLay, who says he picked up his basic moves during his childhood in Venezuela, can't stop dancing. Our spies spotted him last month dancing with the ladies at the Wild West in Houston.