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Profile Thursday: Patrick Henry is all aboard the success train

Profile Thursday: Patrick Henry is all aboard the success train

With a name like Patrick Henry, there's a lot to live up to. But when it comes to the CEO of Patrick Henry Creative Promotions, the sky is the limit.

Starting the food and beverage marketing agency out of his house in 1987, PHCP is now a multi-million dollar company that regularly turns up at the top of Texas Monthly and Houston Business Journal lists of the best companies in Texas.

For tonight's episode of Profile (10:30 tonight on Channel 8, Houston PBS), host Greg Scheinman went inside PHCP's creative meetings and learned how Henry runs his business to best benefit both his clients and his employees.

"Patrick Henry was one of the first people I met when I moved to Houston," Scheinman says. "His business is unique in that he represents both ends of the market, the spirits and producers as well as the restaurants and hospitality industry. But it's the way he runs his business that stands out, in how he gives to his employees and to charities. Being listed as a top company to work for is really important to him, and it's inspiring to see how he has built his business while being so good to those around him and empowering his employees."

You might be surprised by what Henry does with his limited free time, too. Scheinman gets Henry to give him a tour of the high-powered CEO's collection of antique train cars.

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Greg Scheinman sits down with Patrick Henry for tonight's episode of Profile. Photo by Allie Ghaman