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Don't let Europe's secret Porcupine Tree pass you by

Don't let Europe's secret Porcupine Tree pass you by

News_Michael D. Clark_concert pick_Porcupine Tree_by Diana Nitschke
Porcupine Tree at House of Blues on Wednesday Photoby Diana Nitschke

With the Internet and social networks shrinking the world into little more than a really spread-out suburb, the idea of bands being huge stars "across the pond," while still being unknown in The States seems more than a little outdated. Then a genre-less British wonder like Porcupine Tree hops a plane west, after selling out arenas from Paris to Poland, and realizes that its potential United States audience is woefully behind.

It's time to get up to speed on this band, people. You only have to go as far as House of Blues to explore a new sound (for many Americans) tonight.

Beginning with 1991's "On the Sunday of Life," songs like "Radioactive Toy," and "Nine Cats," established Porcupine Tree as authentic young followers of the teachings of Pink Floyd. Singer Steve Wilson drew influence from the reverb-heavy, ethereal vocals employed by David Gilmour while the rest of the band delved into complex soundscapes not unlike "Dark Side of the Moon."

Ten albums later and Porcupine Tree has evolved and experimented with styles ranging from industrial "krautrock" and prog-rock to straight ahead metal. As recent release, "The Incident" reveals, however, they have never gotten away from the intricate composition and layering that has made the band revered as musicians and which earned them a Grammy nomination for best surround sound album for 2007's "Fear of a Blank Planet."

Don't miss this chance to see the band European audiophiles have long raved about.

Porcupine Tree

8 p.m. at House of Blues

Tickets: $25-$50