The Camera Guys Love Her

Think Jennifer Aniston's a lonely nude? She's banking on it

Think Jennifer Aniston's a lonely nude? She's banking on it

There's been a bit of backlash against Jennifer Aniston since the nude-ish ad for her new perfume, Lolavie, was released .

Semi-nudity for self-promotion? Who does that?!

Aniston's detractors point to her propensity for are-they-aren't-they relationships around the time of her movie releases — the latest maybe-suitor being The Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler, and her increased visibility when one of her films is about hit to box office.

I'd like to know what exactly is the problem here — shrewd marketing?

Aniston is involved in a major commercial endeavor with millions of dollars and hundreds of people behind it. What kind of team player would she be if she didn't do everything in her power to promote the film in every avenue possible? Sure, she's making herself some money, but she's helping hordes of other people make their living, too. You'd have to be an asshole not to promote a film that an entire cast and crew poured their lives and resources into.

Cross promoting a film and a side project? That's just good business.

Those on Team Jolie cannot believe that Miss Angelina is any less of a master manipulator of the media.

So why don't you lay off Jennifer Aniston for trying to make a buck. The camera and lighting guys, film editors, costume directors, makeup artists, script supervisor, production assistants (I could go on) will thank you for it.

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Jennifer Aniston appears on a beach in Cabo for an ad for her first perfume, Lolavie.