Why is a Buddhist Tiger Woods taking Christian Gods in vain?

Why is a Buddhist Tiger Woods taking Christian Gods in vain?

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Tiger Woods needs to watch his language.

Tiger Woods claims to be a practicing Buddhist, but as of late, he's taken to invoking the traditional Western deities on the course. Here's his much-discussed weekend scoreboard from the Masters:

Saturday: "God dammit!" and "God!"

Sunday: "God, Tiger! Jesus Christ!"

We're not too concerned about faith on the fairway, but the vocab is not really in line with his religion's peace-oriented dogma. Woods, who was instructed in Buddhism by his Thai mother, had always identified as Buddhist, joining a cast of centered celebrity believers including Courtney Love, Steve Jobs, Kate Hudson, Richard Gere and lately, Miley Cyrus.

And in a March 21 interview on The Golf Channel, the athlete wore a red bracelet blessed by a Buddhist monk. "It's for protection and strength," explained Woods, adding, "And I certainly need that." In that same interview, he revealed that his infamous cheating troubles began when he "quit" Buddhism.

Does the Christian blasphemy equate to a Buddhist backspin? CultureMap's not keeping count, and as long as he's steering clear of fundamentalist Scientology, we approve.