Blowing in the wind

George W. Bush morphs into a Green hippie & brings Costanza along

George W. Bush morphs into a Green hippie & brings Costanza along

Spotted: former president George W. Bush promoting green energy.

Unbelievable, yet true: The former commander in chief — infamous for reversing decades of environmental progress — is to be the keynote speaker at next month's 2010 Windpower Conference and Exhibition in Dallas.

Has W. become a windpower-hawking hippie?

Well, not exactly — Georgie can barely lift a limp wrist for humanitarian causes. He's been fairly out of pocket since leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., other than PR stunts like his Haiti vacay and January engagement in Reno at the Safari Club International Annual Hunters' Convention. His May 25 appearance for wind might just be an attempt to pad his wallet. For the favor, he's charging $100,000 (a $50,000 discount from the usual ticket price just because Big D is his "hometown.")

We must give credit to Texas, the state with the largest wind capacity. And maybe this is the one environmental strategy that even Dick Cheney's former sidekick can agree with. When he was president, W. stated that the country could draw 20 percent of its power from wind by 2030, without making any further provisions.

Also booked for the event is a music performance by Elvis Costello, as well as some comedic dinner theatre by Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame — making for a talented trifecta sure to leave the upwards of 23,000 conference attendees blown away.

George W. Bush Photo by Telfair H. Brown Sr.
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