No socks, all golf service

Fred Couples approaches the David Letterman zone at Houston Open

Fred Couples approaches the David Letterman zone at Houston Open

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Fred Couples

Fred Couples is turning into golf's version of David Letterman. He really doesn't care what anyone thinks anymore — and it's hilarious to watch.

Now that he's 50 and twice divorced (both splits were anything but pretty), Couples is apparently through with doing what anyone else wants him to do. So the University of Houston's tie to the Shell Houston Open shows up for the first round of the tournament in what appears to be a sneakers and no socks golf outfit. Yes, in his fifth decade, Couples has apparently decided he doesn't even need golf shoes. If this was Couples' gift to Houston, the crowd that was there certainly appreciated it.

Couples foot attire drew points from the gallery and a few head shakes from his fellow pros. Making it all the funnier is the fact that many golf writers show up at the PGA Tour events they cover wearing golf shoes (as if they're going to be suddenly asked to hit a wedge shot for Phil Mickelson). And most decent high school golfers — let alone the world's best players — won't even go to the range without wearing the proper shoes.

Who can't love Freddy being Freddy though?

"I'm comfortable man," Couples told CultureMap. "I play well when I'm comfortable."

It's hard to argue. Couples posted a 71 in the much-tougher afternoon conditions. Maybe, he'll take a page from former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon (who plays charity golf tournaments barefoot) next.

The fashion police in the commissioner's office would certainly appreciate it.