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Cartoon cut-ups: Why Home director thinks Rihanna and Jim Parsons are perfect for animation

Why director thinks Rihanna & Jim Parsons are perfect for animation

Fans of Rihanna and Jim Parsons lined the parking lot of the Cinemark West Theater in Plano Tuesday night, to catch a glimpse of the stars as they walked the red carpet for a “hometown” premiere of Home, the new animated film from DreamWorks that hits theaters in Houston and nationwide on March 27.

Why Plano? Three words: Minnie’s Food Pantry.

Founder Cheryl “Action” Jackson won the screening in a “Bring Home to Your Hometown” national contest on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Jackson’s story — she founded the Plano-based nonprofit in 2008 using food from her own kitchen — caught the judges’ attention, and she was eventually crowned the winner on GMA on March 13. Jackson walked the red carpet with her family and, of course, her mother Minnie, the food pantry’s namesake.

Although Parsons and Rihanna whisked past most on the red carpet, they did serve at the food pantry, for which we give them a few bonus points. DreamWorks donated an amount said to feed 25,000 people.

While everyone was straining to see those other celebs, we chatted with Home director Tim Johnson, who just beamed about his latest project. When we asked him how actors are chosen for these kinds of roles, Johnson said, “The music of their [Jim Parsons’ and Rihanna’s] voices” is perfect for animation.

Click on the video above for the full interview with Johnson.

Home director Tim Johnson
"It's great to get out of Los Angeles," said Home director Tim Johnson. Photo via YouTube
Pat Smith and Rihanna on red carpet at Home premiere
Pat Smith (left) palled around with Rihanna at the Home premiere in Plano. Photo via YouTube
Home director Tim Johnson
Pat Smith and Rihanna on red carpet at Home premiere