Gosling to the Rescue

Ryan Gosling feels the love at SXSW: Heartthrob actor helps lesbian couple propose

Ryan Gosling feels the love at SXSW; helps lesbian couple propose

KVUE —  Ryan Gosling is feeling the love at SXSW. During a Q&A at the premiere of his new movie Lost River, a woman asked Gosling if she could ask a question — but not to someone on the panel.

"I think your film was amazing, and I'm going to kinda take away for a second, if I can, and ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she'll marry me," the woman said to Gosling.

With a collective gasp from the audience, Gosling responded, "We've got a marriage proposal over here! Do you want the mic?" 


You can watch the clip above (the proposal takes place at the 11:45 mark); to read the full story, head to Austin television station KVUE's website.

Ryan Gosling marriage proposal SXSW
Ryan Gosling played a part in one couple's SXSW marriage proposal. Screenshot/YouTube