What's your favorite remedy?

The best hangover cures we've heard about (or tried)

The best hangover cures we're heard about (or tried)

It's been said that the best possible antidote to a long night of drinking is a banana honey milkshake. Unfortunately, we can not think of anything less appetizing when you're craving salt, grease, and water than a thick, dairy-based sugary confection.

To satisfy that grease craving, House of Pies' hangover omelet has been a longtime late night favorite. There's not so much a recipe as a generous helping of griddle grime scraped into eggs. It might sound a little dodgy now, but trust us, nothing cures a hangover better.

One CultureMapper staffer swears by any variation of biscuits or kolaches to soak up the excess booze, coupled with a cold Diet Coke to stave off the impending headache.

Another CM staffer (yes, we do like to party) is a proponent of the ol' hair of the dog that bit 'ya, and mellows her mornings with a Miller Lite and a swig of Emetrol. For for those of you unfamiliar with the over-the-counter treatment for nausea associated with an upset stomach, Emetrol has been around a good 60 years and counts "drink overindulgences" as one of the ailments it cures.

We like our morning beers red, and find that a well-made Michelada like those at Cedar Creek do the trick.

And finally, if you're in the medical profession or lucky enough to be married or dating someone who is, perhaps the most effective hangover cure we've seen is the IV. It sounds, and is, so wrong, but a little saline solution straight to the blood stream really perks you up. (Don't do this one. Seriously.)

Have you got a better hangover remedy? Please let us know in the comments below.

News_Caroline_hangover cures_biscuits_basket
Soak up that excess booze with biscuits.
News_Caroline_hangover cures_Miller Lite_with cape
Miller Lite (hair of the dog) to the rescue!
News_Caroline_hangover cures_IV_on stand
For professional use only: The IV
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