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News_7_Katie_Louisiana_Color _Bobby Pitre_71
I miss the people of Louisiana. They are fresh. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_24_Katie_Louisiana_Keystone Oaks_Like no other green
I miss the colors of Louisiana. Variations, it seems, of a thousand greens. Growing from the ground up, covering tin roofs, rounding corners…creepy crawly things that are able to find the smallest crease and thrive. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_2_Katie_Louisiana_Bayou LaFourche_9
Red trawler boats, worn and peeling, yet still bright in color, like the smiling face of a bearded old man. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_Katie_Louisiana_Bayou LaFourche_Light_125
Not the oil, or the bigger crime, the poison used to disperse it, not even politics could destroy what makes Louisiana so special. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_16_Katie_Louisiana_Birds habitat_83
The people of Louisiana are as connected to place as the marsh is to the Gulf. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_3_Katie_Louisiana_Crosses and humor_Mr. Hutchinson_66
They are funny in both humorous and odd ways. Photo by Katie Oxford
Their culture is not one of hurry. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_4_Katie_Louisiana_Pride_Russell Dardar_68
It’s a culture of present time and unforgotten courtesy. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_Katie_Louisiana_giving back
Giving a greeting or yielding to someone comes naturally to these folks. Photo by Katie Oxford
News_Katie Oxford_Xuan Chen_in marsh_deep left_looking as small as a bee
“Let’s hope,” our answer this time next year is indeed…“a good one.” Photo by Katie Oxford