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Lost, Longhorns, Lois & Obama: 2010 was a year of major disappointments

Lost, Longhorns, Lois & Obama: 2010 was a year of major disappointments

There was a lot to get excited about in 2010 — starting with the New Orleans Saints victory in the Super Bowl and ending with a holiday sales season that was livelier than retailers expected — but the year held some big-time disappointments. Here's what topped my list:

1. The final episode of Lost

For xx seasons, Lost was the best show on television. And since the ending season was planned far in advance, it seemed that creators would plan out everything for a fitting climax. But the last season fell into a silly tug-of-war between Jacob and xxxx. And, after heatedly denying that those on the island were trapped in purgatory, that's exactly what the last episode indicated.

2. Corpse flower Lois

The best marketing plan of the year was aided by the mysterious Tweeter (our own Steven Thomson). Crowds waited in line past midnight to catch a glimpse of the exotic hothouse flower. Whether it was overhyped or overheated from all the crowds, Lois never really had a swan song, but instead was carted away

3. The Texas Longhorns football season

After a stellar season with a close run to a national championship, the Longhorns fell apart. Signs appeared early when they didn't run over an inferior Rice University team, but each week got worse: A blowout loss to a mediocre UCLA team and losses to Iowa State and Baylor, ending with a loss to archrival Texas A&M.

4. President Obama's leadership

He promised more hope than anyone could deliver, but President Obama disappointed fans by offering tepid leadership — he seemed more like a professor than a president — and at times even seeming to thumb his nose at those who put him in office. Not even a few victories late in the year could mask the feeling about Democrats that HIllary Clinton would have been a better choice.

5. Houston Texans' season

Even though they got off to a fast start early in the season, with a 4-1 record, we should have known better. But it was the way the Texans lost many games that that could have just as easily won that broke our hearts.

Runnersup: John McCain, who proved to be a curmedgon, John Edwards, Charlie Rangel, and executives with the BP oil spill.

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