Happy Holidays

Houston lands on nice list of best cities to celebrate Christmas this year

Houston lands on nice list of best cities to celebrate Christmas

Uptown Houston Holiday Lighting
Merry Christmas, y'all.  Photo courtesy of Uptown Houston

As we prepare to spend another major holiday surrounded by the comforts of home, it's nice to know that Houston is one of the best cities to celebrate Christmas.

Favorite financial resource WalletHub recently released its timely list, ranking the 100 largest U.S. cities based on 15 indicators of "a safe and affordable Christmas." With a total score of 59.37, H-Town ranks No. 22 overall and among the top five in Texas. 

Houston comes in seventh for observance, which takes into account churches per capita and share of Christian population, and 15th in the traditions and food category. Among the individual indicators, Houston ranks best for Google searches of "Christmas celebration" (No. 5), churches per capita (No. 8), share of income donated to charity (No. 15), and bakeries per capita (No. 32).

But what about Christmas spirit? For that, Houston falls all the way to the bottom, to No. 97. The city also scores a middling No. 37 for safety, based on average COVID-19 cases and deaths, and falls to No. 74 for generosity, according to the study.

If you happen to be venturing out (safely) for the holidays, the Lone Star State is home to several other top spots for a merry little Christmas. Plano (9), Austin (18), Fort Worth (21), and Dallas (23) also land in the top 25. 

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