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Another car drives right into the Bayou: Third crash landing in muddy waters in two months

Another car drives right into the Bayou: Third crash landing in muddy waters in two months

Monday night marked the newest "car-in-bayou" incident this season, after a man and woman crashed into Brays Bayou at North MacGregor and Tierwester just after 10 p.m.

The relatively shallow Brays water made escape fairly easy for the driver and passenger, both of whom avoided any major injuries after the sedan rolled down a steep concrete embankment and crashed into the bayou. The cause of the crash remains unknown.

For those keeping track, Houston bayous collected a number of unsuspecting cars in recent months . . . CultureMap welcomes any theories on the cause.

For now, here's a quick rundown.

Oct. 19: It all started with the bizarre discovery of four stolen utility vehicles in Sims Bayou at the Gulf Freeway. A dive team from the Houston Police Department located three white vans and a U-Haul truck.

Oct. 31: A Halloween driver was suspected of texting his way into the little-known Brickhouse Gully off the Northwest Freeway at Antoine. The man was treated for only minor injuries.

Dec. 7: A woman crashed through guardrails at Commerce and Milam in downtown Houston, resulting in a 30-foot drop into Buffalo Bayou. Police officers who happened to be on the scene  managed to rescue the victim minutes after the accident.

Dec. 12: As mentioned above, Brays Bayou lured a driver and his passenger into its murky waters just this week. The minor occurrence required only a heavy-duty tow truck to drag the car up the steep concrete banks.

News_car crash_bayou
Brays Bayou is the newest site in a string of car-in-bayou accidents Photo via KHOU.com
buffalo bayou crash
On Dec. 7, a woman drove through the guardrail at Commerce and Milam, falling 30 feet into Buffalo Bayou. Photo by Fayza A. Elmostehi
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