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Twiggy mod 60s
Fashion icon Twiggy is rather simple to emulate with a visit to the thrift store and some help from online makeup tutorials. Marie Claire
Jerry Seinfeld outfit normcore
As the unintentional poster boy for the (questionable) trend, Jerry Seinfeld is the perfect inspiration for your "normcore" costume. Jack Threads
Chippendale and bachlorette couples costume
The Chippendale and bachelorette costume is extremely easy to assemble and will definitely get some laughs. jen_habla / Instagram
Banksy Exit Through the Gift Shop
The British graffiti artist Banksy, known for his all-black ensemble and hidden face, would make for a great last-minute costume. exitthroughthegiftshop.com
Beyonce Rosie the Riveter costume
Imitating cultural icon Rosie the Riveter, as Beyonce did here, makes for a very bold but simple costume. Beyonce / Instagram
Little Edie costume idea Grey Gardens
Eccentric socialite "Little Edie" of the documentary Grey Gardens makes a perfect self-assembled costume for Halloween. blogs.westword.com