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News, Shelby, Beth Muecek b'day, Oct. 2015, Vivian Wise, Carolyn Farb
Vivian Wise, left, and Carolyn Farb celebrate Beth Muecke's birthday at Armando's. Photo by Josue Salinas
Lee's fried chicken and donuts
Fancy donuts and delicious fried chicken are staples at Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts. Photo by Eric Sandler
News, Shelby, Museum of Fine Arts gala, Oct. 2015, Hushang Ansary, Shahla Ansary, Richard Flowers
Hushang and Shahla Ansary, shown here with Richard Flowers at the Museum of Fine Arts Grand Gala Ball, gave $2 million to Republican presidential candidates. © Michelle Watson/CatchLightGroup.com
CorkScrew BBQ Spring
Fatty and lean brisket, turkey and pork ribs at CorkScrew BBQ. Photo by Eric Sandler
Hunky Dory
Newly opened Hunky Dory features a dining room with a view of the open kitchen. Photo by Eric Sandler