« Back to article: Colbert to the rescue? Conservation group appeals to comedy giant to save rare Deer Park prairie

Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report
The Bayou Land Conservancy is asking the Colbert Nation for a publicity boost to save a piece of Houston area prairie. PopFocal.com
Deer Park Prairie high grasses and flowers
Deer Park Prairie, where high grasses provided cover for the Texans fighting Santa Ana at the nearby battlefield. Photo by Lan Shen
Deer Park Prairie Delphinium carolinianum plant flower
Deer Park Prairie is home to more than 300 plant species. Photo by Matt Buckingham
Deer Park Prairie eggs in nest
An Eastern meadowlark's nest with eggs in Deer Park Prairie. The Eastern meadowlark is on the Audubon Society's Top 20 Common Birds in Decline. They need the high grass to hide their nests. Photo by Don Verser
Deer Park Prairie hummingbird
Photographer Stacy Holcomb writes: "Prairies provide flowering plants which produce nectar. This helps feed not only birds which are endangered but also our vanishing bee populations as well. Please help save Deer Park Prairie! Photo by Stacy Holcomb