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Hurricane Harvey puts the squeeze on Houston-area gas stations; expect prices to rise

Hurricane Harvey puts the squeeze on Houston-area gas stations

Gas pump
Hurricane Harvey is having an effect on gas supplies. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are starting to be seen at the gas pump, with random shortages emerging at gas stations from Houston to Waco to Grand Prairie, and a likely increase in prices that could extend across the country.

According to fuel supplier Mansfield Oil, short-term fuel supplies for Houston and San Antonio have been "significantly impacted," while Corpus Christi is starting to recover.

USA Today says that U.S. motorists could see an increase of 10 to 20 cents per gallon. The price increases are fueled by refinery outages on the Gulf Coast and closed roads. Houston has been hit the hardest, with dozens of stations without gasoline.

Temporary gaps in supply are also expected to hit Austin, Dallas, and Waco. QuikTrip announced that it will limit gas sales to approximately 50 of its 135 locations in North Texas, with some not receiving gas at all; the company will release a list of those stations on August 30.

Stations in North Austin have run out, although one Shell station owner said that the company has been unaffected because most of its supply is coming from Waco.

However, the Baylor Lariat reports that some stations in Waco have experienced shortages; some stations in Waco ran out of gas entirely. South of Waco, Killeen has seen shortages in unleaded fuel. And grocery store chains such as Wal-Mart and AME are not getting deliveries.

In North Texas, motorists are posting on neighborhood pages about shortages in places like Mansfield, Grand Prairie, and Murphy, where stations are taking it day by day. According to Fox4, one gas station in Waxahachie has run out of gas three times.

The gaps in supply are attributed to increased travel from hurricane areas, along with shortages as refineries have been closed.