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Finally, the cameras roll on a reality TV series in H-Town and it ain't Real Housewives

Finally, the cameras roll on a reality TV series in H-Town and it ain't Real Housewives

The flock of lovelies preening in Leslie Tyler Fink's stylish living room Monday morning was enough to drive any lesser female into a deep depression. (Just ask me.) Cheekbones to die for. Body fat zero. Lush manes not requiring hair extensions. Camera ready, one and all.

The gathering of two dozen swans was a casting call of sorts for the first flight of filming "reality TV" in Houston. And, no, it was not video fodder for Real Housewives or a series on bachelors or bachelorettes or spoiled rich kids. Sadly, I can't tell you which reality series it is — that is until producers start promoting these episodes later this year. Stay tuned.

You see, it would spoil plot development and the whole series if you — the viewer — knew what the subject of the Houston segment is before the story line develops on The Style Network.

What I can tell you is that this clean-cut show focuses on Fink, whose cohort at RSVPSocial Nicole Brende informs us that it was their website that attracted the LA producer's attention. "I'm a socialite," Fink explained. "I know everyone and I empower women. They like that about me."

So at the producer's request, she invited a room full of very attractive females to come in their most colorful party frocks. "It helps to have pretty friends," she said. (This was clearly not a casting call for the Style Network's Too Fat for Fifteen.)

As they walked in the door of the Tanglewood area townhome (gated community, thank you), the women were met by one of the dozen or so network crew members on hand. They were handed clipboards containing forms that both allowed the women's photos to be used and prohibited them from discussing any aspect of the filming until air date. Signatures required or out the door you go!

Among those arriving in their best model mode were Patti Murphy (rumored to be one of the Real Housewives candidates, which this pretty much negates, because if you sign up for one reality show, apparently, you are prohibited from doing another), Elyse Sabra, Lauren Summerville, Laura Heffron, Chelsea Elliott, Lisa Mount and more.

Don't expect any cat fights, cursing or throwing up from these gals. As the producer encouraged them before the cameras began to roll, "Really have fun with it. Laugh. Play it totally natural."

And don't forget to thank "our glam fairy, our lovely hostess," he added. The hostess, by the way, is expecting her third child in November and was looking particularly fetching in a one-shouldered white cocktail dress, baby bump clearly in view.

Shortly before showtime, the bottles of chilled water and the boxes of yummy Sprinkles cupcakes were delivered. Nice idea. But cupcakes were clearly not in the eating plan of these svelte, soon-to-be reality TV stars.

News_Reality House_Lisa Mount_Patti Murphy
Lisa Mount, left, and Patti Murphy were among the two dozen lovelies who turned out for their 15 minutes of reality TV fame. Photo by Shelby Hodge
News_Reality House_Sarah Burdge_Jenna Finklea_Chelsea Elliott
Sarah Burdge, from left, Jenna Finklea and Chelsea Elliott accepted the invitation to come dressed to party. Photo by Shelby Hodge
News_Reality House_Leslie Tyler Fink
Hostess Leslie Tyler Fink is the focus of the series. Photo by Shelby Hodge
News_Reality House_Laura Heffron_Lauren Summerville
Laura Heffron, left, and Lauren Summerville found their places on the sofa. Photo by Shelby Hodge
Photo by Shelby Hodge
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