Still No. 1 to us

The horror: New population list puts Houston at No. 5

The horror: New population list puts Houston at No. 5

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Courtesy of Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau

Houstonians have come to accept — and even embrace — our position as the perennial number four city in America.

So frankly, when we read the new population counts by metropolitan area rather than city limits, we were shocked and saddened to see H-town standing at number five.

Even worse? The imposter city sitting in our No. 4 slot was none other than Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington. Say it ain't so!

Houston — or rather the updated metropolitan area of Houston-Sugar Land- Baytown — has just over six million residents, while DFW has more than 6.6 million.

The biggest area of course, is still the New York-New Jersey-Long Island corridor — with a total of almost 20 million people, two and a half times the population of the five boroughs alone.

The computer modeling program by Business First that constructed these population estimates is not official. It uses population trends from the past 10 years to predict current levels and growth.

So until the official census numbers switch to counting metropolitan areas instead of cities, we feel free to reject them as statistical blasphemy.

Long live No. 4!

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