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License to bid: Texas vanity plates could go for millions in first-ever auction

License to bid: Texas vanity plates could go for millions in first-ever auction

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Interested in test driving the first-ever seven-character license plate auction in Texas? Then head to Dallas' Cowboys Stadium in September for the "My Plates: Great Texas Plate Auction." The event will bring 30 lots of 25-year term specialty license plates to the auction table.

Expect high stakes bidding — there are no reserves, guaranteeing a night of raucous automotive entertainment. The vanity license plates are also transferable for the first time in state history, opening up opportunities for a whole new level of re-gifting.

You'll be surprised by the amount of dough some people will drop on the metal shards.

In Abu Dhabi, an oil sheikh paid $14 million for "1," and in Delaware, a collector paid $675,000 for "6." "COWBOYS is one of 30 combinations that will be available in the personalized official Texas license plates auction. We're guessing a Texan will challenge those previous bid figures in order to score the title of the iconic Texas team.

Will NFL owner, Jerry Jones, bid more than he paid for Pacman Jones for the exclusive right to celebrate the Cowboys on the bumper of his car?

One thing's for sure: One of these 30 combinations will set a record. The majority of proceeds will be funneled into the state revenue fund, and designated charities will also receive a portion of the funds.

Interested in a metal gem of your own? Register at Myplates.com for updates about the upcoming event. Keep an eye on the site, where more combinations will be announced in coming weeks.