No Pants on the Ground

No belt no bus: Fort Worth grandmas attack the horror of baggy pants & alarm spreads

No belt no bus: Fort Worth grandmas attack the horror of baggy pants & alarm spreads


Occasionally, a news item buries the lede.

So it was when Fort Worth's Star-Telegram published a story Tuesday about the Fort Worth bus system cracking down on saggy pants. Hold on, I thought — Fort Worth has a bus system?

It seems they do, and they don't want your bare or boxer-briefed arse touching the seats.

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority has adopted a new dress code. Although it mentions nothing about mixing opposing plaids, passengers whose pants sag below their waists are evidently unwelcome.

To spread the message, Fort Worth busses now contain posters that read "Grandma says 'Pull 'em up or find another ride.' "

Fort Worthers (Fort Worthians? Fortified Worthers?) have had mixed reactions, reports Gordon Dickson, and some people say the change represses self expression.

The campaign for an enforceable dress code aboard "The T" (as Fortified Worthians refer to it) began back in 2008, but Grandma — whoever she is — apparently didn't get offended enough to make a change until 2011.

This alarm may be spreading as well. KTRK Ch. 13 reporter Miya Shay tweeted about a concerned citizen speaking out against "baggy pants" at Wednesday's Houston City Council meeting.

The Fort Worth bus dress code took effect May 12, according the Star-Telegram, and delayed boarding for 50 riders, who all eventually agreed to pull up their pants.

We can't quite figure out who Grandma is or just what set her off this year, but we think it might have had something to do with this: