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Rick Perry hones in on K-Fed's turf — and he wants you to read all about it

Rick Perry hones in on K-Fed's turf — and he wants you to read all about it

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Current Governor Rick Perry

There's a celebrity known for his hair and excessive lifestyle set to release a book this year called Fed Up.

And sadly, it's not Britney Spears writing a roman à clef about her life with dancer/rapper/baby-daddy Kevin Federline (aka K-Fed). I wish it was.

No, it's the title of Rick Perry's new "polemic" — that's his publisher's word, not ours — that "examines the dangerous and unconstitutional intrusion of the federal government on states' rights and individual liberties." The book, Perry's second, is set for release this fall before election day.

Perry is running for a record third term as governor against Democrat and former Houston mayor Bill White.

While Fed Up has a great jab at the big government Perry so despises (you know, unless he's running it), it seems meant to describe the Tea Party movement, and reminds us of his brief flirtation with supporting secession last year.

Bill White's spokeswoman Katy Bacon greeted the announcement with expected enthusiasm.

"Texans are ‘fed up' with Rick Perry charging taxpayers $10,000 a month for an extravagant mansion and writing books to raise his national profile instead of addressing the $18 billion budget shortfall here at home. ...," Bacon said. "Perry doubled state debt and accepted almost $23 billion in stimulus dollars. Which chapter will these Perry feats be in?"

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