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Houston scores as one of America's most "sex-happy" cities, but Austin and Dallas do it better

Houston scores as "sex happy" city, but Austin and Dallas do it better

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Houston is the No. 10 most sex-happy city in the nation according to Men's Health. iStock

Depending on your perspective, there's lots of good news/bad news in this story.

In a new survey from Men's Health magazine, Houston ranks No. 10 on the list of most "sex-happy" cities in the United States.

But in Texas, we trail behind Austin, at No. 1 the "sex-happiest" city in the USA, and Dallas, not far behind at No. 2.

However, when it comes to who you may really want to go home with and not worry the next morning, Houston scores, ranking No. 50 in STD rates while Austin ranks 23rd and Dallas comes in at 25th. (In the STD rankings, first is highest and 100 is lowest.)

Austin and Dallas, however, are better at condom sales, ranking first and fifth, respectively in the survey while Houston comes in at 10th. Our birth rate is higher (eighth) while Dallas is sixth and Austin 15th.

Rather than surveying couples or bugging single's bedrooms, the magazine used hard facts to determine which cities are having the most sex. Condom sales, sex toy sales, birth rates and reports on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) helped determine the rankings.

Other sex-happy cities on the list are Columbus, Ohio (No. 3), which like Austin is a college town and state capital, Durham, North Carolina (No. 4), home to Duke University, and Denver (No. 5), where marijuana is legal.

The other Texas city in the Top 10 is Arlington at No. 7.


CultureMap Austin staffer Nicole Raney contributed to this report.

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