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Noah's Ark or hopeful hoax? It's a matter of belief

Noah's Ark or hopeful hoax? It's a matter of belief

When a band of amateur archaeologists announced via press conference (scholarly journals are for heathens) that they were "99.9 percent sure" they had uncovered Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat, biblical archaeologist Eric Cline probably said it best.

"When people of faith go out looking for things, it seems they almost always find them."

The well-funded Hong Kong-based group of "evangelical explorers" that are making this latest claim assert that the structure they found (and identify as the ark) nearly 12,000 feet up Mount Ararat is dismembered into seven compartments and has been carbon-dated at 4,800 years old.

Although the group says they plan to spend the next few years investigating the site, one ex-member of the expedition is already calling hoax. In a leaked e-mail reported by the Christian Science Monitor, archaeologist Randall Price, who worked with the team in 2008, alleges that the group planted the beams.

I've a feeling my cynicism shines through, but what do you all think? The flood seems certain (see Gilgamesh) but do you think the ark is real? Could it be intact?

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Noah's Ark as depicted in the movie, "Evan Almighty"
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Mount Ararat in Turkey