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Call me Madam: Shelby Hodge's secret career uncovered

Call me Madam: Shelby Hodge's secret career uncovered

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Well well well, have we some juicy news.

Just as Houston Chronicle society writer Sarah Tressler's second livelihood is being exposed, CultureMap has learned that our own social maven — Shelby Hodge — has a secret life of her own.  

CultureMap editor-in-chief Clifford Pugh happened to bump into Shelby's desk on Friday morning, sending her purse careening into the middle of the editorial room, spilling the contents everywhere. A leather-bound little black book and wads upon wads​ of Benjamins were most notable among the mess, and inquiring minds had to know the scoop. 

The mishap revealed a fact that many influential men-about-town already know: Shelby Hodge is Madam S. 

"Please, do not use the word prostitute or something so crass as hooker. My girls are ladies, courtesans, who've chosen the oldest career path in the world to buy themselves the finer things in life and to gain access to men with money," said Shelby. "This is completely off the record but more than a few of these beauties now live in big fine houses in River Oaks."

"I mean what's the fuss. Surely you know the closet courtesans who earn a pair of Louboutins for a one-night stand and an Hermès bag for 48 hours in New Orleans."

When she puts it that way, it doesn't sound like such a bad gig. Plus, as a fixture in the upper echelons of Houston's social scene, Shelby certainly knows which ladies and gents make the cut. 

"My clients run the gamut. Well, anyone who can afford $500 for an hour of, shall we say, social interaction," she divulged. "And yes I have the names, cell phone numbers and charge card numbers for judges, lawyers, surgeons, assistant DA’s, real estate moguls."

But will she tell which boldface types make up her clientele?

"Name names? Never! My operation is not unlike the closed AA gathering at St. John's on Tuesday nights, a very classy crowd," Shelby said. "Lips sealed."


Editor's Note: Happy April Fools' Day! 

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