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Clocking in on Earth Hour: Did you survive?

Clocking in on Earth Hour: Did you survive?

Lights went out around the world on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. as part of the global sustainability movement, Earth Hour. More than 50 million people across 35 countries participated in turning off lights and appliances. Iconic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge and Colosseum stood in darkness.

Here's CultureMap's list of the top five most productive ways Earth Hour was spent in Houston:

1. The Bayou City Art Festival "A Walk in the Art: Where cocktails meet creativity" event. At the fab evening, 50 "Art Walkers" were chosen at random to win original art donated by Bayou City artists. The lighting was fairly minimal, and there was a walking tree on hand, which is pretty green and almost as scary as global warming.

2. Millions around the world followed the mantra, "Lights out, candles on." We took out the tea lights and scattered them throughout the house (rose petals optional). It was fun to pretend that wax candles aren't a petroleum product.

3. Taking a tipple. Studies show that getting trashed in the dark lowers an individual's carbon footprint. The Art Nouveau Bar booth at "A Walk in the Art" saved guests' energy by offering swirly straws with their cocktails.

4. Checking in to the Hotel Derek. During the no-power hour, the Derek turned off all non-essential lighting and encouraged employees and hotel guests to do the same. Cheers to the high-energy boutique hotel for saluting Earth Hour.

5. Getting horizontal: Remember those moments of unabashed promiscuity during the post-Ike blackouts? We do. For some reason, the element of shame goes out the window when the lights go out. Go ahead, save the planet and treat yourself to 60 minutes of heaven.

If sexpot Gisele Bunchen can get behind Earth Hour, then so can we:

News_Downtown skyline_night2
The energy capital of the world salutes Earth Hour Courtesy of Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau
News_Steven Thomson_Earth Day_scary tree
Friendly trees at "A Walk in the Art" Photo by Steven Thomson
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