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Houston's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes: 10 hot singles to heat up your March

most eligible, mystery collage, March 2013
Collage by Emily Goetz
Marcy, most eligible, Tyler Deric, Dynamo, soccer, March 2013
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Marcy, most eligible, Crystin Pactor, March 2013
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Marcy, Houston's most eligible, Javier Garza, March 2013
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Marcy, most eligible, Katie E. Chachere, March 2013
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Marcy, most eligible, David Nguyen, March 2013
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1, Most Eligible, March 2013, Stacie Phillips
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Marcy, most eligible, Spencer Lane, March 2013
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Marcy, most eligible, Lisa Gochman, March 2013
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Marcy, most eligible, Ricky Johnson, March 2013
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Marcy, most eligible, Melanie Adelman, March 2013
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Heating up your March… these 10 sizzling hot Houston singles are on fire.

CultureMap's latest edition of Houston's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes features three singles with soccer ties, a medical archivist, a high school basketball coach, and more. Each is interesting, attractive, successful and, of course, eligible.

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• Name: Tyler Deric
Occupation: Professional Soccer Player (goalkeeper)
Age: 24
Height: 6'3"
Zodiac sign: Virgo

Tyler Deric grew up with his mother and two brothers in Spring. His older brother is partially responsible for Deric’s career path. Deric explains, “He was a goalkeeper and is the reason I play goalie. I have him to thank.” 

Deric, who has been with the Houston Dynamo for five years, got his first call from the team while still in high school. He notes, “The Dynamo started an academy team with the best players under 18 (years) from Houston. I never thought I would be a soccer player. I just played because I like it.”

A second call from the Dynamo came after Deric was named All-ACC Freshman of the Year while at the University of North Carolina. “It was a hard decision to leave college because education is so important, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” he says.  

Off the field, Deric is learning how to play the guitar. “I’m trying to teach myself via YouTube. I love Bob Marley so I’m learning the song, “Stir It Up.” ”  he says.

“I really like music and just went to Imagine Dragons concert at House of Blues. I like anything creative and even enjoy landscaping and gardening.”

• Personal theme song: "If" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
• What's in your fridge? Orange juice, cinnamon raisin bagels, ribeye steaks, eggs, jelly, and a lot fruit
• Guilty pleasure: Taylor Swift
• Deal breakers: A girl who is always on their cell phone
• What do you find attractive? A girl who is sincere, genuine and original
• Ideal date night in town: Mountasia -- for those who don't know its a fun place with mini golf, go carts and arcade games
• What's one thing about you that would surprise people? I'm a really good cook. I can make a delicious wild mushroom risotto. It takes a lot of patience to make.
• Spring break - beach or mountains? Laguna Beach
• My ideal mate: I want someone who is comfortable in uncomfortable environments. She's selfless and easy-going and makes me better person.

• Name: Crystin Pactor
• Occupation: Manager and Social Media Manager at À bientôt Accessory Boutique and Freelance Event/PR
• Age: 25
• Height: 5'7
• Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Crystin Pactor grew up playing soccer and went on to play at both Stephen F. Austin College and the University of Houston.

Involved in an accident with a drunk driver, her dreams of a soccer career were shattered due to injuries; however, the always friendly and upbeat Pactor picked herself up and kept going, embarking upon career in public relations and event planning.

Pactor still manages to hit the field every once in awhile, though. She plays on co-ed soccer and kickball teams. And she loves hanging out with her two dogs at Boneyard Drinkery. “Whoever I date has to like dogs. That’s really important,” she states.

Pactor’s other passion is travel. She studied abroad in Florence and loves seeing the world.

• What's in your fridge? Milk, yogurt, beer, and leftovers from my favorite restaurant. Thank you for reminding me to clean out my fridge.
• Guilty pleasure: Getting my hair blown out at The Do Bar
• Deal breakers: A guy who hates dogs
• What do you find attractive? A sense of humor and confidence
• Ideal date night in town: Dinner, drinks, and going to a sporting event or a fun concert
• Early bird/night owl: I go to bed late and wake up early
• What's one thing about you that would surprise me? I participated in the NCAA tournament in 2007 for soccer and won a conference ring. Ax em' Jacks!
• My ideal mate: A guy that loves sports and has a desire to travel

• Name: Javier Garza
• Occupation: Medical Archivist
• Age: 32
• Height: 5'9"
• Zodiac sign: A Virgo who can't drive

Javier Garza, raised in San Antonio, goes back frequently to visit his family. That includes his dad plus numerous uncles, cousins, etc. "I was the only one to escape and only got as far as Houston," he says slyly.

After receiving an undergraduate degree from Rice University and a Master of Science in Information Studies from the University of Texas, Garza moved to Houston for a job as a medical librarian. "I've had the same job for five years and I really enjoy it,"  he says.

Furthermore, Garza says, "I'm also a student again now, getting another library certification. Bigger degree, bigger nerd. I collect degrees like Angelina collects babies."

Delightfully charming, Garza also has a warm kindness that instantly puts you at ease. His many interests include a love of sci-fi movies, video games and Korean pop music. Of the latter he remarks, "I don't speak Korean, but processed pop is dance music that's fun."

Garza has recently joined a running/hill training group. He declares, "I'm happy, healthy and more active. It feels great."

• Personal theme song:  "I Love It" by Icona Pop
• What's in your fridge? Not a lot. I'm trying to be a pescatarian for Lent. So a lot of fish and vegetables.
• Guilty pleasure: McRibs and Justin Bieber music. At the same time.
• Deal breakers: Arrogance and/or bad breath
• What do you find attractive? A nice smile and a good sense of humor
• Ideal date night in town: A Sing-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse
• Early bird/night owl: Both. No matter what time I fall asleep, I'll be up and at 'em by 8 a.m.
• What's one thing about you that would surprise people? I'm a Mexican who hates guacamole and cilantro.
• My ideal mate: He knows how to make me laugh and encourages me to be less introverted. He can put up with my overbearing mother. And he knows who Christopher Guest is.

• Name: Katie Chachere
• Occupation: Attorney
• Age: 30
• Height: 5’4” but I’m almost always wearing heels
• Zodiac sign: Leo

Katie Chachere grew up in Corpus Christi and moved to College Station to attend Texas A&M. “I went from one small town to another,” she says with a laugh.

The charismatic  Chachere moved to Houston for law school and fell in love with the city. “I have no plans to go anywhere else,” she states matter-of-factly.

Chachere is involved in several charitable organizations in town including HYPA, Young Professionals Backstage and the Houston Grand Opera. ”I also support Trees for Houston. I love being outside and helping plant trees,” she states.

While Chachere likes the outdoors, she equally enjoys getting dressed up and going out dancing. Perhaps this stems from 15 years of ballet lessons as a child. She’s even started taking adult dance classes at Houston Ballet. “With so many different interests, I rotate,” she says. Next up, more tennis and more photography.

• Personal theme song: That’s a tough one. I love anything by Frank Sinatra and Elvis.
• What's in your fridge? Italian cheeses, soy milk, Greek yogurt, prepared foods from Central Market or Whole Foods, a lot of Stella Artois, and sometimes leftovers (when I find the time to cook). Oh, and food for my four-legged child.
• Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate, red wine, queso.
• Deal breakers: Guys who are overbearing, mama’s boys or pessimists.
• What do you find attractive? A good smile, good heart and a sense of humor.
• Ideal date night in town: Dinner at Tiny Boxwood’s and hearing the symphony at Miller Outdoor Theater with a good bottle of wine. I also love River Oaks Theatre.
• Early bird/night owl: Night owl
• Spring break - beach or mountains? Beach. I grew up in Corpus Christi so love being by the water. But who still has spring break?!?
• My ideal mate: He is ambitious, intelligent, social, family oriented, funny, adventurous, respectful, dependable, easy going, and loves to dance

• Name: David Nguyen
• Occupation: Co-owner Platinum Motorcars/Entrepreneur
• Age: 31
• Height: 5-11”
• Zodiac sign: Aries

Nguyen was born and raised in Dallas and had never lived anywhere else until moving to Houston eight months ago. 

Nguyen relocated to open the second location of Platinum Motor Cars, an exotic and luxury car rental company. Platinum Motor is in its fourth year of business and future expansion plans include Austin.

Nguyen attributes his ambition and career-drive to his father. "My dad is a hard worker. He came to the U.S. in 1979 and raised a family of five."

Nguyen travels back to Dallas at least a few times per month for work, but while he works a lot, he takes time to enjoy himself, too. "I like eating out and I love sports, especially golf and football."

• Personal theme song: "My Way" by Frank Sinatra
• What's in your fridge? Lots of water, juices and eggs
• Guilty pleasure: Playing video games
• Deal breakers: Jealous and materialistic women
• Early bird/night owl: Both
• What's one thing about you that would surprise people? I can’t swim, but love water activities
• Spring break - beach or mountains? Beach
• My ideal mate: She's motivated and self-sufficient women

• Name: Stacie Phillips
• Occupation: Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Campus Store Manager & Interior Designer
• Age: 39 (and holding!)
• Height: 5'5
• Zodiac sign: Who cares?

The eldest of four kids, Phillips was born in Pasadena, Texas, but grew up in Centerville. She attended Sam Houston State and now resides in The Woodlands. "I've basically stayed on I-45," she notes.

Phillips started her career in interior design before she got into coaching girls basketball. She is now the full-time leader of a high school varsity girls basketball team.

This mother of two boys enjoys running, traveling, shopping, and painting custom artwork. "I'd love to play the piano, and only sing in the shower; however, I love live music! Especially acoustic."

Phillips reads a lot (mostly parenting books) and has plans to travel to Spain in the future. She states, "It's on my bucket list."

• Personal theme song: "Grace" by Saving Jane
• Guilty pleasure: Sleeping late... really late
• Deal breakers: An unhealthy lifestyle, rudeness to service people, and flirting with opposite sex
• What do you find attractive? Clean white teeth and a great smile for starters
• Ideal date night in town: Fabulous dinner, live music or sporting event and, of course, dessert
• Early bird/night owl: Night owl
• What's one thing about you that would surprise people? I've spent many hours driving a tractor
• Spring break - beach or mountains? I'll take yards of white sand, lots of sun and a side of ocean
• My ideal mate: He's very fit, witty, funny, grounded, faithful, handy, athletic, romantic, stable, loves Jesus and more... not perfect, but perfect for me.

• Name: Spencer Lane
• Occupation: Director of Outlets Operations, Hotel ZaZa Houston
• Age: 33
• Height: 6’2
• Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Originally from Laguna Beach, Lane was in his early 20’s before leaving California for Rhode Island where he began a career in the hotel industry working at resorts and boutique hotels.

Lane jumped at the chance to work at the Kauri Cliffs Hotel in New Zealand, but after a few years decided to come back to the states and landed in Houston at the Hotel ZaZa.

An avid cook, it’s Lane’s No. 1 hobby. Other hobbies include golf, scuba diving and traveling. His next trip is to Rome next month.

On the plane we’re sure he’ll be listening to his favorite hip-hop artists including Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, and reading a novel (his favorite is Catcher in the Rye).

With his California ties, Lane, who follows all sports, may keep a place on his heart for the Lakers, but, of course, also roots for our hometown teams.

• Personal theme song: "Adore" by Prince
• What's in your fridge? Vintage Champagne, Fiji Water, Red Bull Zero, Farm Eggs, Crème Fraiche
• Guilty pleasure: Anything with mayo
• What do you find attractive? Pretty eyes, great smile, honesty, being successful
• Ideal date night in town: A round of golf, followed by dinner at either Uchi or The Pass side of The Pass and Provisions. Or Monday’s Steak Night at Under The Volcano and some serious quality time with my Apple TV.
• Early bird/night owl: Night Owl
• What's one thing about you that would surprise people? I am addicted to  magazines. So much so that once a month I have to throw them all away because I have stacks of them in my house.
• Spring break - beach or mountains? Beach, I am a sun worshipper, originally from Laguna Beach, CA.
• My ideal mate: She is funny, goofy, smart, spontaneous, talented, ambitious, and understanding of my crazy schedule

• Name: Lisa Gochman
• Occupation: Marketing Director & Corporate Events for BRC Gastropub, Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar, Sam and lilli Boutique and Petite Sweets among other things
• Age: "A woman has the age she deserves" - Coco Chanel
• Height: 5'4"
• Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Lisa Gochman attended the University of Houston where she earned a degree in journalism with a focus on public relations. She calls Houston home, but lived in Michigan, New York and Los Angeles… all before first grade.

“My dad moved a lot so I would visit him; I caught the travel bug. After about four months, I have to go somewhere,” she says.

Now doing contract marketing, social media and event planning work, she also works in sales for Caluco. Oh, and then there’s her blog, The Goch Gazette, which she founded in 2004.

Gochman may be busy, but always makes time for her family. She adds, “My friends are important to me, too. And my dog, Lucy. She was left in a gas station and I took her in. I’m a dog lover!”

Friends describe Gochman as outgoing, independent and friendly. She's as comfortable in black tie attire as she is in jeans. Her favorite sports team is the Houston Texans, but a close second is the Saints.

• Personal theme song: "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison
• What's in your fridge? Eggs, turkey bacon, apples,peanut butter. Everything is organic, but I eat out more than at home.
• Guilty pleasure: Mac & cheese at BRC or Liberty Kitchen
• Deal breakers: Still living at home with your parents
• What do you find attractive? Confidence
• Ideal date night in town: As simple as dinner, drinks...but you make the plans
• What's one thing about you that would surprise people? I love Rod Stewart
• Spring break - beach or mountains? Beach always first but I can hit the mountains too
• My ideal mate: He is funny, adventurous, confident, and always honest

• Name: Ricky Johnson
• Occupation: Co-Founder of PledgeCents & Analyst at The Royal Bank of Scotland
• Age: 24
• Height: 6'0
• Zodiac sign: Virgo (but more of a Leo)

Ricky Johnson, a native Houstonian, attended the University of Texas at Austin and came back to Houston after graduation. Johnson is an investment banker at The Royal Bank of Scotland and eight months ago, embarked upon an additional new business venture.

Johnson and a friend started the company, PledgeCents. PledgeCents is an on-line platform for school fundraising and it's set to launch this month.

Upon graduating from UT, Johnson celebrated by backpacking through Europe -- to date, he’s been to over 25 countries. Johnson heads up to his lake house in Austin when time allows. While he enjoys water sports, he is also somewhat of a thrill seeker; he skydives and likes to bungee jump.

• Personal theme song: "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" (maybe add an electro twist) by Geto Boys
• What's in your fridge? Leftovers unfortunately... I love cooking, but these days all I have time for is takeout
• Guilty pleasure: 3 words: Fogo de Chao.  I'm not a sweets person so instead I opt for meat induced food comas
• Deal breakers: Close-mindedness, an elitist mindset, rudeness, homebodies, high-maintenance tendencies
• What do you find attractive? Jessica Alba.. I mean spontaneity, staying fit, sense of humor, PledgeCents supporters
• Ideal date night in town: A spontaneous adventure.  The more out of my comfort zone, the better! Will always make for a good story.
• Early bird/night owl: You look up 'night owl' in Webster and you'll find me
• What's one thing about you that would surprise people? I can hold my own on the dance floor
• Spring break - beach or mountains? Being born in Puerto Rico, it's always the beach
• My ideal mate: She is driven, enjoys traveling (A LOT), lights up the room, and can feel comfortable in any situation no matter how distant from her norm

Name: Melanie Adelman
Occupation: Professional Soccer Player
Age: 24
Height: 5 ft 2 and a half inches - and don’t take away my half! 
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Melanie Adelman moved to Houston from San Diego when she was just a two year-old. She attended Oklahoma State University where she played soccer for two years. After transferring to the University of Houston, she continued to play soccer while she studied Earth Science and Biology.

While in her last semester of college, Adelman was able to leave school early to pursue a career in professional soccer in Iceland. Returning to Houston five months ago, she now plays for our hometown team, the Houston Aces.

Post soccer, Adelman is planning a future career in health, safety, and environment for the oil industry.

Personal Theme Song: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
• What’s in your Fridge: Gatorade, Havarti cheese, pickles, pita bread, and let’s not forget my mom’s homemade hummus
• Guilty pleasure: Eating ice cream while watching the Biggest Loser  
• What do you find attractive: A confident man who is as active as I am, is driven to succeed, knows how to make me laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously
• Ideal date night in town: I really enjoy good company, drinks, music and seeing the different attractions that my city has to offer
• Early bird/night Owl: More of an early bird
• What’s one thing about you that would surprise people?  I’m a big time nature girl and pretty adventurous. When I lived in Iceland five months ago, I hiked a glacier, climbed an ice wall, visited all the major waterfalls and geysers, hiked up mountains, visited the Mid Atlantic Ridge, and went river rafting where I also jumped off of a 24 ft cliff.  
• My ideal mate: He's handsome, confident, athletic, thinks outside the box, and is just as goofy as me