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Texas one of the happiest states in America: Makes a huge jump in new national rankings

Texas one of the happiest states in America: Jumps up in new rankings

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Texas ranks No. 10 for personal well-being out of the entire country, according to the most recent report from Gallup-Healthways. MegansWiceGood.com

It's a great day to be in the Lone Star State. The weather is getting warmer and Texas has just been ranked one of the best states in the country for personal well-being.

According to the 2014 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, Texans have been feeling good lately and happy. The state now ranks No. 10 in the United States in such things.

Gallup conducted 176,000 interviews with adults across all 50 states to determine the rankings. The survey determines well-being based on five factors:

  • Community: Do we like (and feel safe) where we live?
  • Financial: How do we feel about our financial stability?
  • Physical: Do we have good health and high energy levels?
  • Purpose: Do we like what we do?
  • Social: Do we have support from family and friends?

The Lone Star State ranks No. 2 out of the 50 states for Purpose. Texas also ranks pretty well in the Social, Community and Physical categories (No. 12, No. 16 and No. 23 respectively); we rank No. 26 for Financial. The Top 10 placement in 2014 is a significant step up from Texas' No. 21 ranking in 2013 and No. 27 ranking in 2012.

While it should be noted that individual factors have changed throughout the surveys, no matter how you slice it, Texans have been feeling a higher sense of well-being. And so is the rest of the country. According to the 2014 index, Americans reported some of the highest aspects of well-being since Gallup began conducting these surveys in 2008.

Alaska reported the highest sense of well-being in the U.S. Not only did Alaska claim the top spot in 2014, it also ranked in the Top 10 for every factor. On the flip side, Kentucky and West Virginia have remained at No. 49 and No. 50 respectively for six years running.

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