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Infamous Brown Hand Center doc admits he acted crazy in filing for bankruptcy: Forgot $30 million

Infamous Brown Hand Center doc admits he acted crazy in filing for bankruptcy: Forgot $30 million

The man himself, Dr. Michael Brown Photo by Daniel Ortiz

Dr. Michael Brown — a.k.a. "Daddy's Baby Girl" — slipped back into federal court for a last ditch effort to reverse a voluntary bankruptcy filing he made in late January.

The seemingly bizarre attempt to dismiss his Chapter 11 status comes at the end of two very busy months of the good doctor. Let's review:

  • On Dec. 21, Brown closed on an $8-million mansion in Miami Beach once owned by former Marlins shortstop Edgar Rentería.
  • On Jan. 2, he allegedly choked a British Airways attendant and threatened to get naked in front of his fellow first-class passengers on a trip from London to Miami. Brown blamed new medications and claimed he was just a "touchy feely" kind of guy. The police still charged him with intimidating and interfering with the duties of a flight attendant, a felony.
  • In late January, he sought and received bankruptcy protection as he continues to battle his estranged wife Rachel Brown in a high-profile divorce case involving millions in assets.

Now, Brown wants to take back the whole Chapter 11 thing, claiming that his chain of Brown Hand Centers raked in $30 million last year and that the bankruptcy was filed in haste as part of the messy divorce.

"In spite of recent declines due to terrible publicity, there is no rational reason why this case should be in Chapter 11. The core business is extremely profitable," read federal court documents submitted by Brown's recently-hired lawyers at Aaronson Schantz P.A. in Miami

"In spite of recent declines due to terrible publicity . . . The core business is extremely profitable." 

"The only real creditor in the case is the Debtor’s estranged wife, and the final resolution of the Debtor’s obligations to her will be determined in the Texas state divorce court, not a bankruptcy court."

According to the court paperwork, a frustrated Brown thought he could resolve the ongoing divorce proceedings by simply reorganizing his company.

But his Miami legal team thinks otherwise, noting that the bankruptcy could lead to a "fire sale" and allow a group of breakaway Hand Center doctors to snatch up the business.

Aaronson Schantz did not return CultureMap's requests for comment.

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