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PHAT attack: "Thunder Thighs" dinosaur identified

PHAT attack: "Thunder Thighs" dinosaur identified

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Fat was fierce for Thunder Thighs. Illustration courtesy Francisco Gascó, Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel/National Geographic

Forget the terrifying T-Rex and Velociraptor. Scientists have uncovered a new dinosaur species with monumental thighs that doubled as weapons. The 46-foot-long Brontomerus mcintoshi sported a blade on its hipbone, according to National Geographic.

For those non-Classics majors, Bontromerus is Greek for "thunder thighs." The vegan, four legged sauropod capitalized on its voluptuous appendages to mount tough terrain and knock off predators.

"I could only imagine how ill-tempered these sauropods would have been," said Mathew Wedel, a co-author in the dinosaur study and assistant professor of anatomy at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona.

Based on Wedel's description, the animal was a full-on Monet: "The sauropods were probably beautiful animals if you were a long way away with binoculars," he said. "But up close, [they were] probably a nightmare."

Don't judge the fatso dino, though. Thunder Thighs was simply trying to protects itself and its young from those early Cretaceous carnivore creepers.

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