H-E-B resumes regular hours and adds additional purchase limits in Houston

H-E-B resumes regular hours and adds more purchase limits in Houston

H-E-B during winter storm 2021
Most H-E-B stores are reopening with normal operating hours this week, though purchase limits remain on some items.  Courtesy of H-E-B

The worst winter storm in Texas’ history may have made way for sunny skies and kinder temperatures, but that doesn’t mean life is back to what passes for normal these days.

As Houstonians continue to struggle with a variety of issues related to the storm and utility outages, H-E-B stores throughout the state are returning to normal operating hours, adding curbside and delivery slots daily, and resuming the manufacturing of its products.

As of Monday, February 22, H-E-B pharmacies are reopening during normal store hours in most locations and the H-E-B and Favor Senior Support phone lines are back up and running.

Still, the San Antonio-based grocer noted the recent severe weather briefly interrupted the food supply chain and temporarily impacted its manufacturing, warehousing, and store operations. According to an H-E-B release issued Sunday, February 21, more than 1,500 H-E-B trucks have already hit the road to restock stores as quickly as possible, with the company prioritizing deliveries of the most needed items, like bottled water. The grocer has also started manufacturing its products again, including milk, one of the most elusive grocery items in recent days.

H-E-B admits it may take a few days to get its stores’ frozen-food sections back up to full capacity, and the full range of grocery products might not be available initially because of supply interruptions. 

“While we might not have the assortment of products our customers are used to seeing, we are in strong supply of food, and our customers will soon see that at the shelf,” the release reads. “Customers will notice improvements in product availability each day and store hours will return to normal soon. We ask that people buy only what they need and to leave some for their fellow Texans. More of the products our customers need and want are on the way.”

H-E-B announced purchase limits on some products last week and added a few more items as of February 22, including meat, tortillas, paper towels, bakery bread. 

Houston stores currently have limits on the following products:

Food items 

  • water gallon: limit 2
  • water multipack: limit 2
  • baby water gallon: limit 2
  • baby water multipack: limit 2
  • eggs: limit 2
  • milk: limit 2
  • bread: limit 2
  • bakery bread: limit 2
  • bakery tortillas: limit 2
  • ice: limit 2
  • charcoal: limit 2
  • all fresh-cut and ground meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey): limit 5

Non-food items 

  • paper towels: limit 2
  • propane tanks: limit 2
  • aerosol disinfectant sprays: limit 2
  • isopropyl alcohol swabs: limit 2
  • first aid and cleaning gloves: limit 2
  • trial and travel-size disinfectant wipes and sprays: limit 2

Additionally, H-E-B is further limiting the purchase of eggs at its Gulf Coast, San Antonio, Central Texas, and border stores to the following:

  • 5 dozen eggs: limit 1
  • 36-count eggs: limit 1
  • less than 30-count eggs: limit 2

Most H-E-B stores throughout Texas have returned to normal operating hours.