Alleged Memorial Park kidnapper called a sociopath: Scary incident brings an arrest and new questions

Alleged Memorial Park kidnapper called a sociopath after scary arrest

Shane Davis, 41 man charged with attempted kidnapping at Memorial Park February 2015
Shane Davis, 41, was arrested and charged for felony attempted kidnapping following an incident in Memorial Park last Wednesday. Photo courtesy of KHOU News/Channel 11

A man has been arrested and charged for the attempted kidnapping of a 3-year-old girl in Memorial Park.

Last Wednesday morning, a mother was walking with her young daughter in Memorial Park when a stranger approached them and claimed to be the child's father. After running into a crowd for safety, the woman and child managed to get to her car in a nearby parking lot. 

The mother said the man attempted to block her car with his Dodge Ram 1500, but she managed to get away. He then pursued the pair in his vehicle for several miles before she was able to flag down a police officer, at which time the man vanished.

 "He could charm up to somebody, but he is in fact very dangerous." 

Following the incident, a witness at the park called 911 and provided investigators with the suspect's license plate number, as detailed in a report from KHOU Ch. 11.

The police were able to track down Shane Davis, 41, on Saturday and he was arrested and charged with felony attempted kidnapping.

Davis admitted to chasing the child and her mother in the park, according to court documents. Davis blamed his behavior on methamphetamines and said that since he was under the influence of the drugs, he truly believed the child was his 5-year-old daughter who lives in another state. Police say Davis does have a daughter in another state, but that he has not seen her since she was an infant.

And Houston Police Department officers don't seem to be competely buying his story.

"He just struck me as a sociopath," Lt. John Zitman tells the Houston Chronicle. "He could charm up to somebody, but he is in fact very dangerous."

Davis has prior arrests and convictions in four different states. Houston Police Department investigators are now asking anyone who may have been victimized or approached by Davis in a similar manner to this attempted kidnapping to contact authorities.

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