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Greezed Lightnin Astroworld roller coaster
To the dismay of fans, a former AstroWorld roller coaster called Greezed Lightnin' will not ride again at Grand Texas. Coaster2Coaster.com
Grand Texas theme park plan concept
The straight-track ride and its single loop appear on recent Grand Texas maps along the western edge of the park. GrandTX.com
Greezed lightnin lightning grand texas theme park
Former planned location for the vintage ride Illustration by Tyler Rudick
Greezed lightnin lightning shuttle loop roller coaster
Original 1978 patent drawing of a "shuttle loop" coaster by German engineer Anton Schwarzkopf Courtesy of Wikipedia
Grand Texas plans November 2013 Monty Galland
Grand Texas' Monty Galland at a November press conference Photo by Tyler Rudick