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Picasso, Uriel Landeros, painting a picture
The whereabouts of Uriel Landeros are unknown as of Friday. Houston Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to charges or an arrest. Uriel Landeros/Facebook
The Menil, Picasso, video still
The painting was tagged with a stencil of a bullfighter and the word "conquista," all spray-painted in gold. fused00828/YouTube
Uriel Landeros, Picasso, mug shot
Suspected Picasso vandal Uriel Landeros was charged with criminal mischief and felony graffiti Friday morning in regard to Picasso painting defaced at the Menil Collection. Courtesy of Crime Stoppers of Houston
Picasso, Uriel Landeros, spray painting
Landeros has been spotted at Summer Street Studios. The space many believe he was sharing with a friend was emptied out Wednesday afternoon. Uriel Landeros/Facebook
Picasso, Women in Red Chair, original, The Menil
Menil officials report that the stencil has been removed from 1929 Picasso titled Women in a Red Armchair. Photo by Hickey-Robertson, Houston
Picasso, Uriel Landeros, with beer
Landeros posted the initial news report of the Picasso vandalism on his Facebook page Monday. Uriel Landeros/Facebook