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Jose Damasceno at SP Arte Brazil
Jose Damasceno groups everyday objects in ways that transform our perceptions of them.  Photo by Lea Weingarten
Alexandre da Cunha at SP Arte Brazil
Alesandre de Cunha creates wall-mounted sculptures that are essentially sculptural assemblage.  Photo by Eduardo Basualdo/courtesy Galerie Luisa Strina
music pop diva singer Cher for Dressed to Kill tour
Cher made a splash in Sao Paulo at the SP Arte fair. (File photo) Photo courtesy of Cher/Facebook
Lucas Simones at SP Arte Brazil
 Lucas SimonesSimões’ current work involves juxtapositions of concrete and paper in ways that celebrate gravity and geometric principles. Photo by Lea Weingarten
SP Arte Brazil held in Oscar Niemeyer building
SP-Arte Brazil is held in a striking building designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Photo by Lea Weingarten
Olga de Amaral at SP Arte Brazil
Cher was smitten by the work of Olga de Amaral, Photo by Lea Weingarten
Afonso Tostes at SP Arte Brazil
Afonso Tostes collects hand tools from farmers and building sites, transforming the raw, well-worn handles into delicately carved sculpture, evoking human and animal bones.  Photo by Lea Weingarten
Fernanda Gomes at SP Arte Brazil
A frequent target of the “I could have done that” comment, Fernanda Gomes is a curator and collector favorite. Photo by Lea Weingarten
Ana Mazzei at SP Arte Brazil
Influenced by walks through the city, Ana Mazzei's most intriguing recent work is concrete and felt sculpture that inhabits both wall and floor Photo by Lea Weingarten