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Catastrophic Theatre-Snow White
The world premiere staging of Donald Barthelme's Snow White is already making national art headlines.  Photo by Anthony Rathbun
2017 CounterCurrent Festival presents <i>Movement V: Ballroom</i>
For Movement V: Ballroom artist Kevin Beasley creates an interactive installation in The Historic Eldorado Ballroom.  Photo by Kevin Beasley
2017 CounterCurrent Festival presents <i>winter guests</i>
Simulacrum comes from the Norwegian dance company, winter guests. Photo by Alan Oyen
2017 CounterCurrent Festival presents <i>Farmhouse/Whorehouse</i>
A photograph from the performance-lecture of Suzanne Bocanegra’s Farmhouse/Whorehouse.   Photo by Suzanne Bocanegra
Catastrophic Theatre-Snow White
Wicked Witch, Jane, cultivates her malice in Snow White Photo by Anthony Rathbun