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Quickgun Murugan, from the series ManiFest

Quickgun Murugan, by Indu Antony.   Courtesy photo

Where They Belong by Vinita Gupta FotoFest
From the series Where They Belong, by Vinit Gupta
.  Courtesy photo
Feather Indian, Dot Indian - FotoFest

Feather Indian, Dot Indian,
 by Annu Palakunnathu Matthew.  Courtesy photo
Ravi, Seven Years Old, Begging for a Living near Indian Institute of Technology Flyover, New Delhi - FotoFest
Ravi, Seven Years Old, Begging for a Living..., by Vicky Roy. Courtesy photo
Prince Varughese Thomas
Ancestor II, 2017 FotoFest
Ancestor II by Prince Varughese Thomas
. Courtesy photo