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Grey's Anatomy star reveals how Houston changed her life — and why she keeps coming back

TV star reveals how H-Town changed her life, why she keeps coming back

Before the recent star-studded Texas Medal of Arts Awards in Austin, all of the honorees walked the red carpet and chatted with media. Among the celebrities was Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson, who talked about the impact Houston had on her professional and personal life.

"I  grew up in Houston, Texas, with performing arts and visual arts around me all the time. I was immersed it, field trips, we'd go out to see the symphony, the ballet and the opera. I was involved in theater in Houston all of my childhood," said Wilson, who was born and raised in the Bayou City. "Of course it shaped the person I was going to be but it was also personally significant for my self esteem.

"I just enjoyed being able to send audiences on a journey, with whatever the story was that I was telling."

Wilson returns every spring to award scholarships to deserving seniors at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, which she attended. "I love going back there. I workshop. I audition the seniors. I'm the last ditch scholarship available. When you've been passed over for everything else, you still have a chance with me."

In the video, above Wilson also talks about where she likes to eat when she visits Houston. Hint: It begins with a "P."

Chandra Wilson Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy star Chandra Wilson still has a soft spot for H-Town. Photo courtesy of ABC