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News_Ovation Awards_January 2012_James Sivco_Carrie Carson
James Sivco , Carrie Carson Photo by Chinh Phan
News_1_Ovation Awards_January 2012_Samira Salman_Caroline Starry LeBlanc_Audrey Cochran.jpg
Samira Salman , Caroline Starry LeBlanc , Audrey Cochran Photo by Chinh Phan
News_9_Ovation Awards_Jason Berhnardt, Lindsey Brown, Carrie Carson_Paul Pettie_Caroline Starry LeBlanc__Lee Mitchell_Samira Salman_John UrquhartJanuary 2012_winners.jpg
Jason Bernhardt , Lindsey Brown , Carrie Carson , Paul Pettie , Caroline Starry LeBlanc , Lee Mitchell , Samira Salman , John Urquhart Photo by Chinh Phan
News_4_Ovation Awards_January 2012_John Andell_Valerie Palmquist Dieterich_Tracy Dieterich.jpg
John Andell , Valerie Palmquist Dieterich , Tracy Dieterich Photo by Chinh Phan
News_13_Ovation Awards_January 2012_Jennifer Howard_Ashley Wehrly_Isabelle David_Lauren Levicki.jpg
Jennifer Howard , Ashley Wehrly , Isabelle David , Lauren Levicki Photo by Chinh Phan
News_7_Ovation Awards_January 2012_Cara Crafton_Liz Gorman.jpg
Cara Crafton , Liz Gorman Photo by Chinh Phan
News_2_Ovation Awards_January 2012_Jared LeBlanc_Sarah Starry_Victor Mendoza.jpg
Jared LeBlanc , Sarah Starry , Victor Mendoza Photo by Chinh Phan
News_11_Ovation Awards_January 2012_Nic Phillips_Heather Pray.jpg
Nic Phillips , Heather Pray Photo by Chinh Phan
News_12_Ovation Awards_January 2012_Nick Espinosa_Rachel Walton.jpg
Nick Espinosa , Rachel Walton Photo by Chinh Phan
News_3_Ovation Awards_January 2012_Jessica Chipman_Caroline Urquhart_Mary Liz Urquhart.jpg
Jessica Chipman , Caroline Urquhart , Mary Liz Urquhart Photo by Chinh Phan
News_10_Ovation Awards_January 2012_J.J. Jose_Ana Lavalle.jpg
J.J. Jose , Ana Lavalle Photo by Chinh Phan