Where the NFL/NBA Players Play
CATEGORY: Food/Drink
Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse Map It
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Hardly a week passes without some current or retired NFL or NBA star gliding in for one of Del Frisco's he-man steaks and ample sides. Located in the Galleria, you can't miss it for all the Bentley's and Jaguars up front at the valet parking.

Vic & Anthony’s Map It
Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse

This sleek downtown restaurant is only a couple of blocks from Minute Maid Park and the Toyota Center.  Spot a Houston Astro or Rocket while enjoying a steak at this upscale eatery. You're likely to find a few Houston Texans here chowing down on some of the best steak in the city.

Hotel Icon Map It

Located minutes from the downtown sports venues, this luxury boutique hotel may have been built in 1912, but the contemporary decor is anything but dated.  You just might run into a sports figure at Voice sipping a cool one in the lounge or maybe even shooting a fashion ad campaign. The hotel's sexy and sleek restaurant-cum-lounge is a muscle magnet.

Sushi Raku Map It
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With a decidedly alluring ambiance, including 30 tons of crimson rope and modern Japanese decor, Sushi Raku attracts VIPs of all sorts. Its unique calling card?  It's the only place in Houston that flies in fresh fish from the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan.

Yao's Restaurant and Bar at Houston Pavillions (closed) Map It
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Owned by Yao Ming and located in the Houston Pavilions, Yao's Restaurant was designed as the ideal place for Yao Ming and his family to sit, relax, and enjoy tasty Chinese American food.  Most of all, it allows the basketball star to interact with the fans and local community.