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Molina's Cantina Map It
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Order the "Original José's Dip" - it's a rich concoction of chili con queso with spicy ground beef. Sure, Molina's is a local chain, but that's all for the better since a taste of José is never too far away. P.S. Visit the Molina's website, enter your e-mail address and a José's Dip voucher will magically appear in your inbox. Not that we're into coupons.

Xuco Xicana (closed) Map It

The petroleum slick that defines many bowls of queso has been subverted at the reinvigorated Xuco Xicana. Here, chef Jonathan Jones (of Beaver's acclaim) has incorporated authentic Mexican queso fresco, yielding a dip that is at once velvety-smooth while maintaining the slight tartness of an actual dairy product. Of course, that shouldn't stop you from washing it down with one of the relics of the old El Patio: A toxic blue margarita.

Armandos Map It

Big cheese Armando Palacios knows his queso - he's been in the market of upscale Tex-Mex since 1978. The queso flameado with chorizo is a must. Consider greasy fingers a thing of the past - your waiter will do all the heavy cheese lifting for you, perfectly arranging the gooey grub around homemade flour tortillas.

The Annie Cafe & Bar Map It

Molten cheese gets a designer spin with Bar Annie's nachos, decked out with red chile beef, avocado and crème fraiche. Let it be known, however, that their "beyond Tex-Mex" classic chile con queso makes for a great appetizer to the RDG hamburger. Pure indulgence has never looked this posh.

La Tapatia Map It
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So you just got kicked out of the bars at 2 a.m.? La Tapatia won't judge. Pre-empt tomorrow's hangover by chowing down on some crispy chips and queso. You can tap La Tap until 5 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.