Frosty Sno Cone Stands
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MAM's House of Ice Map It
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By far the neighborhood favorite, MAM's, which is located in the Heights on the corner of Rutland and 20th streets, is a summer staple. It's a walk-up stand, so it begs for good weather. But who wants a sno cone in the rain, anyway? Cash only.

Located on Main Street in the Heights, Tampico serves up towering shaved ices on the cheap along with Mexican treats like warm rice, milk and cinnamon. Just make sure to annunciate "vanilla," or you could end up with "banana." It's a perfect location to grab dessert after a dinner down the street at Lady Gaga's favorite Tex Mex spot: Spanish Flowers.

Tropical Chill, located in Deer Park, has been around since 1993 and boasts out-of-the-box flavors like "Batman" and "Tiger's Blood." It might be a drive, but it's well worth it — and don't worry, the ever-present line moves fast.

Take the kiddies after a history lesson at the San Jacinto Battleground state historic site, perhaps?

Sno Beach

Located in Friendswood in the parking lot of Perry's & Sons Market & Grille (complete with its own parking spots) Sno Beach is a hot-day staple. The huge flavor selecton can be topped off (literally) with cold cream or ice cream by the sweet staff of Friendswood high schoolers who seem to run the place.