Finding the No-Sign Bars
CATEGORY: Food/Drink
Absinthe Brasserie Map It

On the south side of Richmond just west of Spur 527, look for the faint green light behind the solid wooden doors. (Not helpful enough? It's also right below the sign for Bowl.) Inside you'll find a tiny, friendly bar full of friendly bartenders, couches with dark corners (hello, third date) and plenty of cocktails — with and without the green fairy.

Marfreless Map It
News_Steven Thomson_Stolen Kisses_Marfreless

A blue door on a stark white wall on the Peden Street side of River Oaks Shopping Center is the only marker for this surprisingly spacious bar and lounge. The second floor couches live in infamy (a love nest on high), but the place keeps it clean these days with couples as likely to chat over wine as to make out (or more). It's dark in this windowless lounge.

Poison Girl Map It
Places-Drinks-Poison Girl neon sign by Axel Bethke

Perhaps the least secretive unmarked bar in the history of time, Poison Girl by day looks like an abandoned storefront with the metal barrier rolled down. By night, the Poison Girl logo shines in the center of the bar's sole window, surrounded by hot pink lights. The crowd inside is more eclectic than indie, with yuppies and hipsters hanging out side by side. The jukebox is still the best in town.

Last Concert Café Map It
Places-Eat-Last Concert Cafe-exterior-1

If you've found tiny Nance Street, in the warehouse district on the north side of downtown, you'll see Last Concert Café's red door or at least hear the live music that tends to come from the interior patio. You'll have to knock, though — the door opens only from the inside. And even though the name implies bar and music venue, it's also a Mexican restaurant.

notsuoH Map It

Unmarked but easy to see, notsuoh reopened after a 2002 fire in the spot on Main downtown next to Dean's Credit Clothing (there's also a secret door between the two). Notsuoh plays host to local and sometimes national bands, with a crowd that can be found drinking coffee or shots, using the free Wi-Fi, singing live punk rock karaoke on Fridays, or even playing chess. In other words, anything goes.

Moon Tower Inn Map It
News_Moon Tower Inn_bar

Part gourmet hot dog stand, part craft beer garden and part hipster warehouse, Moon Tower Inn rises on Canal Street in what some people (but certainly not anyone hanging out there) would call EaDo. Don't look for a sign, though — your best bet for finding this low-key hotspot is to keep an eagle-eye on the street number and just follow the people wearing skinny jeans.