Chai Lattes of Note
CATEGORY: Food/Drink
Onion Creek Map It

Onion Creek's chai latte reigns as the best around. The blend of cream and spice creates the perfect comfort drink for any time of the year — it's perfect iced or hot. During the day, The OC (as locals call it) is great for meeting up with friends or journaling. As the sun sets, so does the atmosphere turning from restaurant/coffee shop to restaurant/bar. If you're in an upbeat, party mood — this is the place for you. If not, head on down the road to Waldo's.

Waldo's Coffee House Map It

Waldo's chai recipe is an original. They blend multiple ingredients which is rare, if not, nonexistent around town. Combine this with the cozy, antique-furnished house and the scene is perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying a novel.

Té House of Tea Map It

If you have issues with dairy, House of Tea has the chai for you. Along with standard milk and soy options, they offer an almond or as they've named it, vegan chai. Almond milk is delicious with chai spices so even if you swear by whole milk, give it a try. This quaint tea house in Montrose also bottles their chai in 2-liter bottles — a rare find in Houston.

Salento Map It

As so many shops in Rice Village, Salento can be a little difficult to find. It's on the southwest corner of Rice and Morningside. It operates as a cafe by day, wine bar by night, and has a great chai. It tends to be a little sweeter; if you try it and find that's the case, just ask them to add more cream to it.

Empire Café Map It

Drinks at Empire come in tall glasses with sleeves. Something about seeing the layers of your drink (not to mention the shortbread cookies), makes it that much more appealing. The chai is no different and can be drunk iced or hot,  in their European-styled cafe or on the patio.

Note: Half-priced cake day is Monday, so plan your visit accordingly!