Tiny's No. 5

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On the surface, Tiny's No. 5 in West University seems to be as close to the original Tiny's as possible. A spacious patio with shaded tables beckons, a pristinely manicured lawn provides a relaxing focal point and an airy, white-walled space feels elegant and classy. And yet there are differences: At No. 5, a larger, segmented space gives diners a little more breathing room, with roomy wicker armchairs instead of straight-back seats.

Would the original Tiny Boxwood's label the bathrooms with cutesy monikers "William" and "Kate"? (More likely they'd use "Oscar" and "Lynn.") Surely River Oaks would never section off a portion of the parking lot to hold retro-styled bicycles to lend to residents who don't want to drive even a few blocks after a couple bottles of wine. Like the original, the menu is short but serviceable, with light pizzas and burgers that are more than decent. Tiny's No. 5, like Tiny Boxwood's before it, knows that people come for the atmosphere and the crowd. The food only has to be familiar enough to satisfy the easy-to-please patrons, light enough to seem fresh and somewhat diet-friendly and tasty enough to justify the price tag. It succeeds on every front.

The retro-styled bikes stationed in the parking lot are for customers to ride home, if they so desire (or if they've had a bit too much wine). Or West University residents can call the restaurant and be picked up and taken home by an eco shuttle.


Tiny's No. 5
3636 Rice Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005


Sun: Closed
Mon: Closed
Tue: 5 pm-9 pm
Wed: 5 pm-9 pm
Thu: 5 pm-9 pm
Fri: 5 pm-9 pm
Sat: 5 pm-9 pm

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