Sorrel Urban Bistro

Sorrel food may be farm-to-table, but that doesn't mean it's simple. Photo by Kimberly Park
sorrel scallops
Another hit: Seared scallops with citrus glaze and microgreens Photo by Kimberly Park
What is this mess and why is it between me and my casserole? Photo by Sarah Rufca
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sorrel scallops

If you think farm-to-table cuisine means food that's overly simple, you haven't tried Sorrel yet. The urban bistro has stylishly reinvigorated the former Ziggy's space on an under-the-radar corner of West Alabama, and the neighborhood has willingly embraced it. In fact, walking in on a weeknight during primetime hour one is lucky to find an open table.

The restaurant keeps everything fresh, changing up the menu daily and listing local sources for ingredients. But while that formula might imply a culinary minimalism, Sorrel's menu bursts with unexpected flavor pairings and complex presentations without seeming too heavy or serious. There's the classic taste of scallops, seared perfectly and served with mandarin orange, a light citrus glaze and a bed of fresh greens. A red snapper served with its crispy skin still attached literally falls apart on a fork, and played off a citrus-and-fennel-infused confit of tomato and leek beautifully. Sorrel isn't afraid to take risks, and it usually pays off.

Sorrel is committed to offering organic wine in addition to local ingredients, with a quarter of the bottled wines meeting that designation.


Sorrel Urban Bistro
2202 West Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77098


Sun: 10 am-3 pm
Mon: Closed
Tue: 11 am-3 pm, 5 pm-10 pm
Wed: 11 am-3 pm, 5 pm-10 pm
Thu: 11 am-3 pm, 5 pm-10 pm
Fri: 11 am-3 pm, 5 pm-10:30 pm
Sat: 11 am-3 pm, 5 pm-10:30 pm

Good to Know

  • Fine Dining
  • $$$
  • Valet Parking
  • Full Bar
  • Locally Sourced
  • Patio/Outdoor Dining