Ginger & Fork

Ginger & Fork lobster
Photo by Kim Coffman

This restaurant near the Washington Corridor aims to offer both the authentic Cantonese cuisine served at restaurants in Chinatown and Western-style service and cocktails. The restaurant's website touts that it combines "the authentic flavors of Chinese cuisine with a modern style of service" and that its menu "will introduce many native Chinese ingredients," which are qualities that would seem to put it in with places like Cooking Girl and Mala Sichuan, but the reality is that Cantonese food doesn't have the same fiery punch that Sichuan does.

Owner Mary Li brings years of experience from Tony Mandola's to the restaurant, and the enhusiastic service is a credit to her efforts. Still, the dishes tend to be bland and the prices can be high (expect seafood entrees in the $25-35 range), which means those searching authentic flavors will still likely head to Chinatown. 


Ginger & Fork
4705 Inker St.
Houston, TX 77007


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Sun: 10:30 am-3:30 pm
Mon: Closed
Tue: 11 am-10 pm
Wed: 11 am-10 pm
Thu: 11 am-10 pm
Fri: 11 am-11 pm
Sat: 11 am-11 pm

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  • Catering
  • Full Bar
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