Dessert Gallery-Kirby

Dessert Gallery
Photo by Lezu Photography

Sara Brook's popular flagship dessert outpost has moved into bigger digs down the block from the original space. The restaurant is now split down the center—one side is even raised in an odd sort of split-level arrangement—with a clear aisle leading up to the display cases, all the better to show off the goods. And what goods they are, over a dozen cakes each so awesome it's impossible to pick a favorite. When in doubt the toffeelicious (with a subtle espresso flavoring), coconut creme (so moist it melts in your mouth) and the classic diner cake (yellow cake with rich chocolate icing) are always winners. And then there's the creme-filled cupcakes, cookies and d.i.y. s'more platters.

For a delicious PG evening, Dessert Gallery stocks a few board games, or you could always bring your own and camp out in the overstuffed purple armchairs.


Dessert Gallery-Kirby
3600 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 77098


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