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It's fitting that BRC Gastropub, from culinary minds Lance Fegen, Shepherd Ross, Carl Eaves and Lee Ellis, sits almost directly across from Branch Water Tavern.

The two spots symbolize in many ways the moment we're having in Houston dining — casually chic surroundings in restored buildings, re-imagined comfort classics and a focus on drinking that blurs the line between restaurant and bar.

With plenty of wood accents and a stunning red wallpaper, the effect is fancy but relaxing. With rooster pictures dotting the wall and a statue out front, what BRC stands for is officially the worst-kept secret in town (Big Red Cock). But it's a fun touch, carried through in some surprising ways — even the chic, industrial lighting fixtures over the central banquet table are by a company called Roost.

BRC focuses on American craft beers, with nearly 30 taps. Much of the menu seems like a cross between a bar menu and re-imagined fair food. From the blue crab beignet appetizer to the mac and cheese and sliders of the day, the comfort food menu across the board will blow you away.


BRC Gastropub
519 Shepherd Dr.
Houston, TX


Sun: 10 am-2 pm, 5 pm-midnight
Mon: 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-midnight
Tue: 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-midnight
Wed: 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-2 am
Thu: 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-2 am
Fri: 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-2 am
Sat: 10 am-2 pm, 5 pm-2 am

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  • Craft Beer
  • Beer/Wine
  • Patio/Outdoor Dining